maria gillenImprov for Toastmasters

-  Sunday at 8:30 am

Ever felt your mouth go dry when asked to answer a topic?  Ever have your idea stream dry up when having to come up with the next speech?  This workshop will enable you to find new tools through the magic of IMPROV to help with these and other Toastmaster stumbling blocks.  Come along and Improve your skills with Improv!


Maria Gillen is a 'Recycled Toastmaster'. As a teenager, she achieved the now-defunct CTM (Competent Toastmaster) and promptly left Toastmasters returning in 2013 to a new program. Since then she has achieved her ALB and ACG and is currently on the ALS path and hoping to achieve her DTM.

The new Pathways Program is coming down the line and she is delighted and honoured to have been asked to be Pathways Ambassador for Division A. She is a bit of a Travelling Toastie and has made speeches or had roles in clubs such as Apple, EMC, VMWare, Powdermills, Macroom, CSO, West Cork and Manchester.

She has represented Division A in the Topics and Evaluations competitions and loves the craic and characters that you only meet at a Toastmaster's Conference in the early hours of the morning!


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