Clare Crowther

Clare Crowther, Accredited Toastmaster Speaker

The first ever European Accredited Toastmaster, Clare shares with us her journey to this prestigious award.

Clare will:

Explain what the Accredited Speaker award is

Why a member should consider going for the award

How a member can achieve the award

Listen … to Solve

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t seem to manage their own challenges? and…
When you offer them obvious solutions, why they IGNORE you and keep having the same challenge?
You are about to learn three steps to enable effective solutions … … and hear the pitfalls to avoid.

Clare will deliver the 20-minute presentation she used at the finale in Vancouver 2017 of her journey to become the first European to be awarded Accredited Speaker status in the over forty years of the award, the second ever non-North American speaker – and only the seventieth ever.



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