Clare Crowther

Clare Crowther, Accredited Toastmaster Speaker

The first ever European Accredited Toastmaster, Clare shares with us her journey to this prestigious award.

Clare will:

Explain what the Accredited Speaker award is

Why a member should consider going for the award

How a member can achieve the award

Listen … to Solve

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t seem to manage their own challenges? and…
When you offer them obvious solutions, why they IGNORE you and keep having the same challenge?
You are about to learn three steps to enable effective solutions … … and hear the pitfalls to avoid.

Clare will deliver the 20-minute presentation she used at the finale in Vancouver 2017 of her journey to become the first European to be awarded Accredited Speaker status in the over forty years of the award, the second ever non-North American speaker – and only the seventieth ever.



john middleton

John Middleton is the founder and owner of JTM Service Limited, one of the UK’s most successful independent suppliers of Business to Business commercial laundry solutions.

He became a qualified mechanical engineer after leaving school but then left for Europe where he lived and raced as an international racing cyclist, for 10 years, competing in Belgium, Holland and France. On returning to the UK he re-engaged his engineering skills and from a standing start (as a self-employed engineer) he steadily built JTM Service Ltd to its current market-leading position. John has always had a passion for personal development and has mentored the careers of many staff throughout his working life. Now, as a member of “Strictly Speaking” in Harrogate, he is helping to develop a mentoring programme where members can assist each other to find and realise that “Authentic Speaker” that lies hidden deep within us all. So here in an interactive “

John has always had a passion for personal development and has mentored the careers of many staff throughout his working life. Now, as a member of 'Strictly Speaking Harrogate', he is helping to develop a mentoring programme where members can assist each other to find and realise that “Authentic Speaker” that lies hidden deep within us all.

So here in an interactive “hands-on” workshop John will share with us various styles of mentoring, a simple effective model and how to use it, how to be a mentor and a mentee at the same time regardless of current experience, how to set up an effective programme within your club and if all else fails, how you can effectively mentor yourself!



-  Saturday at 9:30 & Sunday at 8:30 am

Everyone loves a good story, but how do you tell one that is engaging, memorable and leaves you thinking?

My workshop will give you the tools needed to craft and deliver an impactful story that will leave your audience enthralled. My three-step C.A.P. method will elevate your storytelling techniques.


  • Starter
  • Review of Basic Element
  • Introduction of the CAP method
  • Use of CAP method
  • Summary


Vinette Hoffman-Jackson is the District 71 UK & Ireland International Speech winner 2016-2017 and the ‘Speaker Factor’ winner for London Professional Speakers Association 2016/2017. Voted Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 for the development of a bracelet for Mental Health by the University of Bedfordshire.

Vinette is also the author to the book ‘Did the Right Sperm Win?’, which has recently been carried by Waterstones. The book is a collection of inspiring short stories, anecdotes and personal reflections that will inspire you to recognise your true potential and find your purpose in life. She is a columnist for Black bright Magazine and StandUp Luton newspaper.

With over twenty years’ experience in teaching and motivating, Vinette has been consistently judged as outstanding and is Vice Chair of Governors. Vinette has recently found her niche, ‘Public Speaking’, and is now actively speaking in schools and companies nationally and internationally. Recent clients include Toastmasters International Convention 2017 (Vancouver, Canada), Project Management Institute (Toronto chapter) Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours in (Jamaica), Visit Milton Keynes, University of Bedfordshire, Cranfield University, Leighton Buzzard & Lindslade food festival, Amaenia Centre and schools throughout the UK & Ireland. ‘Guarantee to leave you feeling inspired’ Charles Seanla- CEO Visit Milton Keynes group.

Her speeches are drawn from a rich background spanning many countries and a wealth of experience spanning many decades, interactions and geographical locations. Her unique talent of storytelling, analysing everyday experiences and her passion will leave you feeling inspired! She is also the managing director of The Transition Zone, which offers bespoke workshops, seminars and keynotes.

Vinette believes in service to her community and is a member of the Rotary Club.

In her spare time, Vinette enjoys classic cars shows and bungee jumping.

colm mcglade

Deliver with Impact

- Saturday 9:30 am 

It's not just what you say, but also HOW you say it.  You might have wonderful things to say, but unless you say it properly, you might make very little impact.  In this workshop, we will look at delivery skills. We will explore how to use your voice, your body and your whole being to connect with your audience and make a positive impact. 


Colm has been a member of Rathfarnham Toastmasters in Dublin since 1993 and I.E. Toastmasters, Templebar since 2013.  He has been a participant in 12 District finals (International Speech-6; Evaluation-4 and Table Topics-2), winning the Speech Evaluation Contest in Manchester last May.  Colm received his ACG award in 2009.  He gives classes in Public Speaking in the People's College in Dublin.  He is a retired School Principal.

tom hebel

The Story of You 

- Saturday & Sunday at 8:30 am

What comes easy among friends becomes a seemingly insurmountable challenge in front of a crowd. Toastmasters teaches us technique, but not how to be ourselves. The good news is that we already know how to do it. All we must do is learn to apply it to a speech and reveal the Story of You.

  • Believe in what you say
  • Let Go of the inner critic
  • Accept your flaws
  • Give In to nervousness
  • Remember: Real > Perfect

Disclaimer: no sexy acronyms were invented in the making of this workshop.


Tom has been passionate about public speaking ever since he realized he could wing it in history class by making up a presentation on the spot. With this new-found confidence, Tom went on to study business and economics at university, believing he could apply the same approach there. University taught him many hard lessons in humility and the value of genuine preparation, which has served him well in work and leisure alike. During his studies, Tom continued his passion for public speaking, competing on the European debating circuit. He lost to teams from across the continent, including from Cambridge, Dublin, Berlin, and even Hull. Coming to Ireland in 2011, he joined Toastmasters, after the local university's debating team refused to let him join.

In 2013 and 2016, Tom was a District 71 finalist in the International Speech Contest. Topping this, he was disqualified from this year's edition on account of a clerical error.

To console himself, Tom recently took on the role of Pathways Ambassador in Division A, which combines two of his favourite activities: travelling and talking about Toastmasters.



brendan haughtonWhat’s your Legacy?

-  Friday at 5:00 pm & Saturday at 8:30 am

How to engage with schools and other organisations, 

How to get buy in from parents and teachers,

How to talk to your boss to give you time off work to deliver the program during school hours,

How to get officially checked by the authorities so you can work with children, 

Program overview,

How to adapt the program to your audience,

Additional tools: Equipment, Props, Agendas, Minutes and Registers,

Working with a team of Toastmasters,

PR Opportunities,

Demonstration / Case studies / Success Stories,



Brendan has been a member of Toastmasters since July 2007 when he joined Wicklow Toastmasters Club. He is also a member of Dublin 18 Toastmasters and Dublin’s advanced Club, Powertalk. He has almost completed his second DTM,  earned 12 Educational awards and 4 HPL’s, held Club Offices for 9 terms, including President, Select Distinguished Area Governor and President’s Distinguished Divisional Governor. Brendan was Chair of District 71 Youth Leadership Committee for several years during which the program became popular throughout the District.

Brendan headed the D71 King Laoghaire Conference in Dun Laoghaire and is an Irish Tourist Board Conference Ambassador. He has also promoted the TI Youth Leadership and Community Programs among other Community organisations such as UK Social Mobility Foundation, Orbit, Teaching Council of Ireland,  University, Age Action Ireland, Chambers of Commerce and has spoken widely at many events and venues. He delivers several YLP programs himself every year,  and is well known and appreciated for working with Adrian Melia and Maggie Owens in developing and delivering the YLP for the Deaf, with articles published on this in Irish and UK Teachers  Journals, National, Regional and Web media,  and our own TI Magazine.

A Logistician, Brendan is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport and retired after a long career in both the Public and private sector, up to Board level. He has served on many Sports and NGO’s including the Olympic Council of Ireland.  Brendan is a committed Sailor of over 60 years and can be seen cruising in the Irish Sea in his beloved “Epatant” or “Blyth Spirit” with his family. He is a former Commodore of Wicklow Sailing Club,  and Secretary General of the Irish Yachting Association, now the ISA.

Now a senior citizen,  Brendan has 3 older children, is a Grandad, and has a 17-year-old son doing his leaving certificate in 2018; small wonder he is so committed to the Toastmasters  Youth Leadership and Community Programs. In the YLP he has been known to describe himself as a “serial father”!


maria gillenImprov for Toastmasters

-  Sunday at 8:30 am

Ever felt your mouth go dry when asked to answer a topic?  Ever have your idea stream dry up when having to come up with the next speech?  This workshop will enable you to find new tools through the magic of IMPROV to help with these and other Toastmaster stumbling blocks.  Come along and Improve your skills with Improv!


Maria Gillen is a 'Recycled Toastmaster'. As a teenager, she achieved the now-defunct CTM (Competent Toastmaster) and promptly left Toastmasters returning in 2013 to a new program. Since then she has achieved her ALB and ACG and is currently on the ALS path and hoping to achieve her DTM.

The new Pathways Program is coming down the line and she is delighted and honoured to have been asked to be Pathways Ambassador for Division A. She is a bit of a Travelling Toastie and has made speeches or had roles in clubs such as Apple, EMC, VMWare, Powdermills, Macroom, CSO, West Cork and Manchester.

She has represented Division A in the Topics and Evaluations competitions and loves the craic and characters that you only meet at a Toastmaster's Conference in the early hours of the morning!


moira beatonHow to be a great contest judge

- Friday at 5:00 pm 

 An interactive workshop covering the do’s and don'ts of contest judging and why training is important


Moira joined Toastmasters in July 2004 and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. Currently, she is the Chief Judge of District 71 (UK), President of Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters and VPM of Waverley Communicators. She has many years experience as a chief judge, voting judge and contest official and her interactive workshop will cover the do’s and don'ts of contest judging and why training is important.