November’s District Conference is the first to aim for ISO20121 Sustainable Events Certification.

Sustainability is important to all of us. It’s about using energy and materials and water and food in the most efficient way so that we can continue to enjoy our comfortable lifestyle. It’s about avoiding pollution and waste. It’s about doing all these things in a responsible way so that we maintain our lifestyle for our future and for our children’s future.

We have....

International Keynote Speaker ~ Florian Mueck

Public Speaker and notable Toastmaster

florian mueck

Before he started his rhetorical journey, Florian worked as a consultant and business development manager for almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm.
The transformation started when he joined a chapter of Toastmasters International in Barcelona in 2005. Soon, public speaking became Florian’s greatest passion. In 2009, he turned his passion into a successful profession under the FLORIAN MUECK brand.

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