Welcome to the Steel City District 71 Conference
3~5 November 2017
A fabulous weekend of workshops, entertainment and competitions in God's Own Country.
A Word or Two from your Conference Director
~ Anthony Day ~
You won't forget this Toastmaster Conference because:
it's happening in the legendary city set on seven hills.
(No not Rome; Sheffield)
it's the last Autumn Conference ever.
World HQ has spoken and future District conferences will take place only in the spring.
it's international.
We'll welcome our many Toastmaster friends from Ireland and some from Europe as well.
it's going to be a good one.
Apart from the contest finals we'll have workshops, we'll have a keynote speaker, we'll have a gala dinner and we'll have a craic - no, probably two craics. You don't know what a craic is? You'll have to come and find out. (Be prepared to stay up all night.)
there'll be Henderson's Relish.
(You don't know what that is? You'll have to come and find out. Hopefully it won't keep you up all night.)